Rigaku MiniFlex 600

The Rigaku MiniFlex 600 is a compact benchtop theta:2-theta diffractometer.  It is computer controlled and fully capable of providing qualitative and quantitative analyses for unknown powder crystalline materials.  Its fail-safe radiation enclosure ensures the safety of users operating the machine. By comparing the resulting spectra with diffraction data stored in the computer's card file system, the structure can be identified.  With its straightforward user interface, the MiniFlex easily lends itself to classroom use and is currently being used in undergraduate materials characterization labs at the Ohio State University. 



Instrumental control
Data analysis
Control & Management
PDXL software
Generator Maximum power
Tube voltage
Tube current
X-ray Tube
600 W
40 kV
15 mA
Rotary shutter linked to interlock
Optics Divergence slit
Scattering slit
Receiving slit
Soller slit
Fixed or variable
Kβ foil filter
5.0° or 2.5°
Goniometer Type
Scanning range
Scanning speed
Minimum step width

150 mm
-3 to 145° (2θ)
0.01 to 100°/min (2θ)
0.005° (2θ)

Detector Scintillation counter NaI scintillator 



Category: XRD


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