Tecnai F20 TEM, formerly produced by FEI

tecnai instrument and monitor

The Tecnai F20 microscope is a field emission 200kV S/TEM with an X-TWIN objective lens and high brightness field emission electron gun (FEG) optimized for analytical work.  This objective lens allows a 40 degree tilt with a standard low-background double tilt holder and, with the tomography holder, allows +/-70 degrees of tilt.  The objective lens design allows for efficient collection of X-rays for elemental analysis down to the sub-nanometer level.  With a single 30mm2 detector, the EDX acquisition solid angle for collection is ~0.4sr, rivaling more expensive systems.  The system has a Gatan Tridiem imaging filter for EELS spectroscopy.  The various techniques are integrated into the instrument software for ease of operation.  The software packages include EDX, EELS, Low-Dose, and Tomography.

The Tecnai is equipped with 2 CCD cameras.  There is an Orius 2k camera in the upper port giving a wide field of view and an UltraScan 2k camera in the lower position for higher magnifications.  TEM resolution is 2.4Å with STEM resolution better than 2Å.  


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