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Microscopy Education Modules

handheld digital microscope parts

CEMAS is pleased to share with our K-12 community the chance to borrow and use our microscopy education modules. In addition to the digital microscope pictured to the right, we have the following resources available for schools to borrow. Each module includes proper safety equipment (e.g., UV glasses or rubber gloves).

  • Digital microscope, including multiple magnifications for objective lenses and a set of prepared slides including animal and plant specimens
  • Fluorescent dye tank to visualize light paths through lenses in three dimensions
  • Lasers and lenses to visualize light paths through lenses in two dimensions
  • Camera obscura
  • Prisms (pyramidal and cube), loupes, and lenses


If you are interested in one or more of the modules, please email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • School affiliation
  • Preferred dates
  • Module of interest 

Keep in mind that registration does not pose any obligation but assists us with scheduling.


In addition, it may also be possible for your school to use a tabletop Hitachi scanning electron microscope. If you are interested in this, it would require advance scheduling and assigning a staff member/educator as a point of contact. For more information, please reach out to Sarah Mikula (


Thank you for your interest!