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Sample Preparation

person working on sample prep

The imaging and analytical facilities at CEMAS are complimented by extensive sample preparation facilities. As well as FIB prep for TEM, there are tools for cutting, grinding, trepanning and ion milling samples. For SEM preparation, there are carbon and gold sputter coaters, which can also be used for replica techniques. The preparation equipment covers a wide range of techniques to handle the large variety of samples that are brought into the facility. It is planned to develop procedures for cryo-preparation of samples for soft material and biomaterial applications.


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CEMAS Equipment

  • Allied Multi-prep
  • Buehler MiniMet
  • Buehler VibroMet Polisher
  • FEI Vitrobot Mark IV
  • Fichione 1010 Ion mill
  • Fischione 1040 Nanomill
  • Fischione 1070 Plasma Cleaner
  • Fischione 2000 Dimple Grinder
  • Keyence VHS600 Microscope
  • Leica ACE600 Sputter Coater
  • Pelco Sputter Coater
  • Southbay 660 Diamond Saw
  • Southbay Technology Wire Saw
  • Streuers Acutom-50 Diamond Saw