Environmental Health & Safety

CEMAS is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and productive working environment for all users. In order to do this, we partner with The Ohio State University's Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). It is important for all users to comply with policies and procedures set forth by CEMAS and EHS.


The following training courses are mandatory for all CEMAS users:

The additional training course(s) is mandatory for CEMAS Biological Prep Lab users:

For access to these training courses, please contact cemas@osu.edu.

CEMAS General Safety Training

Before being given instrument access, all users must participate in a brief in-person safety training with our Laboratory Supervisor, Sarah Mikula. This 10-minute training will inform users of building evacuation plans in case of an emergency, how to handle injuries, and other safety concerns. If you plan to use CEMAS facilities, schedule a time to meet with Sarah Mikula.28@osu.edu.



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Sarah Mikula