Environmental Health & Safety

CEMAS is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and productive working environment for all users. In order to do this, we partner with The Ohio State University's Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). It is important for all users to comply with policies and procedures set forth by CEMAS and EHS.


The following training courses are mandatory for all CEMAS users:

The additional training course(s) is mandatory for CEMAS Biological Prep Lab users:

For access to these training courses, please contact Mikula.28@osu.edu.

CEMAS General Safety Training

Before being given instrument access, all users must complete CEMAS-specific safety training with our laboratory supervisor, Sarah Mikula. This training will inform users of building evacuation plans in case of an emergency, how to handle injuries and other safety concerns. If you plan to use CEMAS facilities, reach out to Sarah Mikula.28@osu.edu.



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Sarah Mikula