Thermo Scientific Themis Z S/TEM

The S-CORR probe corrected Themis-Z™ is equipped with a high coherence, high brightness, field emission electron gun (X-FEG), and an electron gun monochromator to provide useable probe current with an energy resolution of 0.10 eV. Our Themis-Z™ delivers imaging capabilities for atomic resolution in both high resolution TEM and STEM, at accelerating voltages of 60, 200 and 300 kV. STEM resolution down to <63 pm is possible, with appropriate samples, and the system is equipped with a S-TWIN pole piece, this provides a wide-gap for more experimental work and tilting. 

The system contains a high-speed, high-throughput, quad-silicon drift detector (Super-X) optimized for rapid x-ray collection and when combined with STEM enables EDS spectral mapping down to the atomic scale. This system is also equipped with Gatan Digiscan™ to produce high-speed spectral maps from electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) data. A dual-EELS spectrometer permits the user to collect low-loss and core-loss EELS simultaneously to produce, rapidly and routinely, atomic resolution EELS spectrum images.

To improve reproducibility, the user has access to OptiMONO and OptiSTEM+, both are software that align, automatically, the monochromator and the imaging probe to remove user error and reach the ultimate resolution most quickly.  The system is also equipped with a 4-segment annular detector and the EMPAD pixelated detector enabling differential phase contrast imaging (DPC) and integrated differential phase contrast imaging (iDPC), just to list a few. The combinations of these spectral collection tools, energy resolution and variable voltage make the probe corrected Themis-Z™ a powerful characterization tool in the modern materials world.

The system is housed in an acoustic, thermal, and electro-magnetically isolated, high-stability support box that reduces negative environmental conditions permitting optimal aberration corrected S/TEM characterization to be realized. The instrument is also available for remote viewing access and remote user control providing benefits and access to users both locally and around the state of Ohio through OARnet.


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