• CEMAS helps drive new insights into new materials and processes

    Decades of research has been focused on improving the high-temperature properties of nickel-based superalloys, an essential class of materials used in the hot section of jet turbine Q6 engines, allowing increased engine efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. | LEARN MORE
  • Holiday Hours

    Due to the holiday season and lack of staff support, CEMAS will be open to 'Anytime Access' users only Dec 22 - Jan 2. Those with 'Daytime Access' will not be able to enter or reserve instrument time at CEMAS. If you have questions regarding your... | LEARN MORE
  • Ohio State – FEI Electron Microscopy Collaboratory

    The Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) hosted an event on Monday, June 13th, to dedicate and thank FEI Company for their continued support in developing the new digital learning environment. This digital environment, now named the... | LEARN MORE
  • Making world-class electron microscopy accessible

    Central to the mission of CEMAS is to educate the next generation of electron microscopy users and experts. To achieve this, it is the goal of CEMAS to make every instrument in the facility accessible through remote access. Beginning with our collaboration... | LEARN MORE
  • Digital Theater Is Complete

    Construction has completed on the CEMAS "Virtual Learning" digital lecture theater.  CEMAS houses over $28 million of advanced instrumentation that is operating atlevels above and beyond manufacturer specifications. Given these instruments offer... | LEARN MORE