Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Propelling the innovation of satisfactory consumer products

CEMAS plays an instrumental role in advancing product development in the global consumer goods market. Working alongside our industry partners, we’re challenging current characterization limits to improve the performance of consumer products and increase profits.

How do we improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs? The ability to enhance the performance of a consumer product is influenced by the microstructure of the finished product, raw materials, and processes. Electron microscopy plays a critical role in characterizing and evaluating these microstructures. 

CEMAS houses one of the largest concentrations of electron microscopy instruments in any North American institution. We offer a full-service, expertly designed environment for industry partners to execute their entire microscopy analysis programs – from extensive sample preparation to image processing tools and support.

A team of technical staff further supports the physical infrastructure at CEMAS. We work directly with our external counterparts to identify problems and develop a characterization workflow to explore possible solutions.

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Partnering with Procter & Gamble

The CEMAS-P&G relationship began as early as it could, immediately after CEMAS opened its doors on west campus in 2013. The research has spanned multiple projects analyzing and characterizing distinct classes of materials related to seven different P&G brands, including Pampers®, Pantene® and Gillette®.

In 2018, CEMAS received one of P&G’s 2018 North America Connect+Develop Awards, reflecting its instrumental role in advancing P&G product development and strengthening the relationship between the two global organizations. Thus far, collaborative projects have resulted in multiple journal publications. CEMAS has also produced data to support several patent filings and revealed advantages of focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes versus traditional methods for soft materials.

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