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Data Storage

researchers looking at dataCEMAS offers a short-term storage option for saving your data obtained at CEMAS. It is expected that users will retrieve their data immediately following their instrument session. Data will be erased from the file server on a routine basis to ensure ample storage capacity for all users. CEMAS is not responsible for maintenance or retention of research data.


How do I request a storage account? 

Once you have been trained on the equipment as CEMAS, please enter an Engineering Technology Services (ETS) ticket at Click the ETS Service Portal menu link, click the Click to Login link, click the Request a Service button, click the Accounts & Access link, and click the Other link. You may then request a CEMAS Instrument File Server. An ETS representative will be in contact to assist you with the account set-up. 

How do I obtain my data?

All CEMAS instrument users may retrieve their instrument data by visiting the website This site provides a user-friendly web-interface for accessing and downloading instrument data and is accessible from any modern web-browser both inside and outside of CEMAS.

Instructions for accessing may be found here.

Who do I contact if I am having issues accessing my account?

If you are having issues with your account or accessing your data, please submit an Engineering Technology Services (ETS) ticket at