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Adam Young

  • 105 W Woodruff Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210


Adam is a member of CAMM. His current research includes the examination and correlation of microstructural features and mechanical properties of the beta titanium alloy TIMETAL®18 (Ti-5.5Al-5V-5Mo-2.4Cr-0.75Fe-0.15O).  He is also currently working to investigate nucleation mechanisms present in near-beta titanium alloys.  Adam is using the ETMT (electrothermal mechanical tester) and Gleeble to perform heat treatments and then mechanically test samples. Stereological measurements of lath width, equalized a size, and percent a phase will be taken along with qualitative observations of different morphologies developed during thermal exposure. He is investigating nucleation mechanisms present in TIMETAL®18 using SEM, FIB site specific foil extraction, and TEM.

TIMETAL 18 that has been above transus solution treated, quenched, and aged