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Timothy Smith

  • Room #177
    2041 N. College Rd
    Columbus, OH 43210


Timothy is a member of Michael Mills' group. Fatigue strength is one of the most important properties for the next generation of Ni-based superalloys. His research is to better understand the deformation mechanisms that cause this softening, and strategies whereby it can be mitigated, which is important in increasing the next generation superalloy’s upper operating temperature limit. In concordance with fatigue strength, the tensile/compressive anisotropy of creep properties found in single crystal Ni-based superalloys is also an important phenomenon to understand for better model prediction and next generation superalloy creation. Presently, little is actually known about the causes of this phenomenon. His research consists of detailed defect analysis using STEM in investigating both of these topics.

TEM micrograph of deformation substructure following compression creep of a [100] oriented single crystal. The specimen was prepared using FIB extraction and thinning.