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Connor Slone

  • Graduate Research Associate, Materials Science Engineering
  • 1275 Kinnear Rd
    Columbus, OH 43212



Connor is a member of Michael Mills’ group.  He is currently studying the effects of microstructural gradients on the deformation behavior of Nickel-base superalloys.  Although superalloys are often utilized for their excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, welded regions show significantly reduced creep rupture lives.  This is a result of microstructural gradients and heterogeneities (such as precipitate-free zones) that function as strain localization sites within the material.  In an effort to better understand localized deformation behavior, particularly in welded regions, this work utilizes digital image correlation (DIC) techniques to produce full-field strain maps of deformed regions in model alloy variants of IN 740H.  These alloys are specifically designed to exhibit gradients in crystallography, composition, precipitation, or combinations of the same.  Once strain localization sites are identified, thin foils are sectioned from the samples and defect analysis is performed via transmission electron microscopy (TEM).  The experimental results are mapped to constitutive models to improve the fundamental understanding of localized deformation in the presence of microstructural gradients.