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Michael Kuper

  • 1248 Arthur Adams Dr.
    Columbus, OH 43211


Michael is a member of Michael Mills' group. His project focuses on strain mapping in nickel based Superalloys.  Through the use of a microscale random speckle pattern and a regular grid pattern deposited on the sample surface, 2D image correlation techniques can enable the performance of full-field strain mapping to examine strain localization throughout a microstructure.  This technique enables the characterization of strain localization near grain boundaries for different morphologies of the same alloy during elevated temperature creep tests, as well as several other strain mapping applications.  Additionally, variations in the regular grid pattern post deformation provide insight into grain boundary sliding behavior, which can be characterized based on grain boundary orientation information that is acquired from electron backscatter diffraction scans.  Overall, strain mapping provides information about deformation mechanics, which delivers a basis for optimizing alloy fabrication with peak properties.

Grain boundary sliding events between the two grains (circled in white) in which the sliding event has caused the regular gridlines to become offset during a high temperature, constant load test in the horizontal direction.