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Joerg Jinschek

  • Associate Professor, Materials Science Engineering
  • 1305 Kinnear Road
    Columbus, OH 43212


Dr. Jinschek received his M.S. and Ph.D in Physics and Solid State Physics, respectively, from the Friedrich-Schiller-University (FSU) in Jena, Germany (1997 and 2001, respectively). He then was awarded with an Alexander-von-Humboldt Feodor-Lynen-Fellowship (2001-2003) and held a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Center for Electron Microscopy at LBNL in Berkeley, CA (2001-2005).

From 2005 to 2007, he was a Research Assistant Professor and the Director of the Electron Microscopy Lab at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

He then has moved to industry and held various positions at FEI Company, Eindhoven (NL), including Sr. Application Scientist for aberration-corrected & in-situ / environmental electron microscopy (TEM), as well as Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Materials Science BU responsible for advanced in-situ TEM solutions and solution development for Chemistry of Materials.

Dr. Jinschek has strong expertise in aberration-corrected S/TEM and in environmental TEM (ETEM) in particular. A theme in this work is the ability to extract materials’ structural information at the atomic scale using state-of-the-art electron microscopy.

His most highly cited papers discuss methods for self-assembly of carbon nanotubes, TEM methods to visualize surface reconstruction in catalysts in-situ, and methods to determine atomic positions in gold crystals using discrete electron tomography.

More recently his work has focused on the development of in-situ / environmental TEM, including the development of holders, to focus on extending atomic scale characterization capabilities from static to dynamic studies resulting in the ability to understand in more detail the link between structure and its evolution vs. unique properties on characteristic length scales.

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