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Hsien Lien Huang

  • Graduate Research Assoc-GS Mat, Materials Science Engineering
  • 1275 Kinnear Rd
    Columbus, OH 43212


Hsien-Lien is currently working with Prof. Jinwoo Hwang focusing on the characterization of gallium oxide and II-VI semiconductors. He earned his M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University, where he worked with Prof. Michael Thompson to study dopant activation of III-V compounds using laser spike annealing, and developed thermoreflectance spectroscopy to measure in-situ temperature gradients during annealing. He also worked with Prof. Paulette Clancy to study intermolecular Si diffusion in InAs materials using DFT and NEB calculations. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from National Chung Hsing University.