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Vikas Dixit

  • Room #439
    116 W Nineteenth Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210


Vikas is a member of CAMM. He is involved in a few projects that cover various aspects of physical & mechanical metallurgy and materials characterization. The main focus of his research has been to develop an understanding of the allotriomorphic phase transformations in titanium alloys. By utilizing advanced characterization tools e.g. dual beam FIB, SEM, EBSD, TEM, (S)TEM, EELS, EDS etc, he has explored crystallographic, morphological and chemical aspects of these grain-boundary precipitates. These efforts have demonstrated the important contributions of grain-boundary parameters (misorientation angle/axis and grain-boundary plane) on the morphology and the variant selection of these precipitates.

TEM based studies have been performed to understand the effect of the grain-boundary parameters on the interfacial structure between allotriomorphic a and the adjacent b phase that produced a Burgers orientation relationship. These studies have shown the existence of interfacial defects (dislocations/ledges) that are significantly different from the ones present on the interface between intra-granular a and b.

Titanium alloys have a high affinity for oxygen, which acts as a stabilizer of a phase. Vikas is also involved with spectroscopic (EELS and EDS) studies to understand chemical segregation of oxygen and other species at grain-boundaries and their influence on the allotriomorphic phase transformations.

Dark-field TEM micrograph shows the interfacial structure between GBα and β grain that produces a Burger-OR. In this particular case, the GB plane oriented slightly away from the habit plane that resulted in the faceting of the interface and the production of various defects on different interfaces.