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Lee Casalena

  • 1305 Kinnear Road
    Columbus, OH 43212


Lee is a member of Michael Mills' group. His research is focused on High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys, specifically the Ni-Ti-Au system. The initial interest in these alloys was for use in core chevron applications in jet engines, which have a need for high operating temperatures. While current commercial shape memory alloys are limited to usage below 70C, the addition of a third alloying element has been shown to stabilise the functionality and allow operating at much higher temperatures. The mechanism behind this is the formation of new precipitates which need to be characterized for better understanding of the system. He is working with NASA Glenn Research Center and the project is funded by the DOE.

A STEM image of a FIB foil of Ni-30Ti-20Au showing the interesting internal structure of a heat treated sample. The phases are currently in the process of being characterized.