• Microscopy Society of America
  • Everything you wanted to know about EM, but were afraid to ask. - FEI Introduction to EM
  • MyScope Tutorial
  • ImageJ - A free Java-based image analysis program with a multitude of analytical plugins (including a Gatan .dm3 reader) by Wayne Rasband at NIH.

  • Digital Micrograph - An offline version of Gatan's Digital Micrograph program.

  • Lispix - A Lisp-based free image analysis program with specialised functions by David Bright at NIST.

  • John Russ's website - Many useful tutorial pdf files on image processing and PhotoShop tricks for scientists. There is also a discussion on the ethics of image processing.

  • PyMCA - An open-source MCA program written by the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility for X-ray fluorescence analysis. It can also be used for standard e-beam EDS analysis.

  • Hugin - An open-source image mosiac creator/stitcher for panoramas and image montages.

Modeling, Analysis and Monte Carlo Software

  • Casino - A Monte Carlo program for determining excited volumes, EDS spectra, etc. by Raynald Gauvin et. al.

  • WinXRay - A revised version of the CASINO Monte Carlo program by Hendrix Demers and Raynald Gauvin.

  • NISTMonte - A Java based Monte Carlo EDX simulation program by Nicholas Ritchie at NIST.

  • SRIM - SRIM (aka TRIM) is a Monte Carlo program by James Ziegler which models ion cascades in materials. It can be used to estimate sputter rates and damage layers (among many other things).


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