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The following rates are charged to academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit sources of funding. Please be prepared to provide documentation indicating such.

We welcome inquiries from industrial users.  Quotes are available upon request. Please contact us at

Academic Rate
After Hours Rate*
Scanning Electron Microscopes    
Quanta 200 $60/hr  $45/hr
Apreo I $76/hr $57/hr
Apreo II $76/hr $57/hr
Quattro $80/hr $60/hr
Focused Ion Beam Microscopes    
Helios 600 $81/hr $61/hr
Nova 600 $76/hr $57/hr
Transmission Electron Microscopes    
Tecnai F20 $88/hr $66/hr
Tecnai 30 $76/hr $57/hr
Titan 60-300 $118/hr $89/hr
Themis Z $125/hr -
Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopes    
Glacios $85/hr -
Glacios - Single Particle Analysis $750/day -
Krios - Single Particle Analysis $1,000/day -
X-Ray Diffraction    
MiniFlex $23/hr $17/hr
Smart Lab $52/hr $39/hr


First 4 hours

Subsequent Usage (after 4 hours)

Max charge per day









^ Please note that FOM will not 

accurately reflect HeliScan charges.

Labor** $75/hr N/A

Please plan for an average 3% increase of rates each year to accomodate the rising costs of equipment service contracts.

*After hours rate is applied to usage between 5:00pm-8:00am Monday-Friday and all day Saturday-Sunday. Rate is only applicable to users with anytime access, in which no staff assistance will be available.

**Sessions in which there is training and/or when there is staff participation will be charged labor.


The following fees are charged to all users (internal and external):

Cancellation Charge
(within 12 hours preceding reserved time, or 24 hours for Apreos)
2 hours of usage and labor, if applicable
Forget Log Off 2 hours of usage
No show Reservation time + forget log off
Instrument Training Instrument Rate + Labor Rate
Data Storage Fees may be assessed if data is not removed in a timely manner

Please direct all billing questions, concerns, or issues to

To view historical rates for fiscal purposes, please click here.