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Ohio State – FEI Electron Microscopy Collaboratory

The Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) hosted an event on Monday, June 13th, to dedicate and thank FEI Company for their continued support in developing the new digital learning environment.

This digital environment, now named the Ohio State – FEI Electron Microscopy Collaboratory, reflects the efforts of CEMAS and FEI Company to expand the accessibility of electron microscopy to students, researchers, and industrial partners. During this event, a plaque celebrating FEI Company’s contributions to this collaboratory was unveiled, which is now permanently placed within the Electron Microscopy Collaboratory digital theater located within CEMAS. Opening remarks were given by the Vice President for Research, Caroline Whitacre; the Dean of the College of Engineering, David Williams; the CEO of FEI Company, Don Kania; and the Director of CEMAS, David McComb.

"[FEI] creates new tools, [OSU] has the tools and has them working better than anywhere else in the world.  And they have this educational environment that brings smart youngsters together with people who’ve lived the long pains of making microscopy work. I think the world in the next decade in materials science is ready for a fundamental change, and Ohio State will lead that change...There’s no better place on the planet earth to do microscopy than right here at CEMAS." -Don Kania.

As part of FEI Company's support, students and researchers can control fully the electron and ion microscopes at CEMAS.

FEI Company designs, manufactures and supports a broad range of high- performance microscopy workflow solutions that provide images and answers at the micro-, nano- and picometer scales. Its innovation and leadership enable customers in industry and science to increase productivity and make breakthrough discoveries.