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On the Scope – A Masterclass in Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy registration open

SEM Course

The Ohio State University’s Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) welcomes registrants for On the Scope – A Masterclass in Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy. The training program, which will take place in April and May 2024, covers the fundamentals of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) operation.

“There’s the theoretical understanding of electron microscopy, and then there’s applying it to real-world situations. This course develops both,” Daniel Veghte, an instructor of the course and a senior research associate at CEMAS. “Our expert-led lecture demos and hands-on training combine for a practical educational experience developing students’ knowledge of SEM operation and understanding of advanced analytical techniques.

“This masterclass is a valuable opportunity to gain the technical knowledge and skills needed to improve SEM data collection and analysis for organizations across disciplines,” Veghte continued.

The program consists of two components:

Component #1: 

Course content and lectures will be available beginning April 1, 2024. A series of asynchronous lectures and demonstration sessions delivered 100% online with forums available for discussion. Instructor office hours (exact times to be determined) will be the week of April 22nd. Along with a recommended foundation of topics, a selection of elective lectures will be offered.

Component #2: On the Scope participants attend Researcher OR Manager Track

Researcher Track Component #2:  

(in-person April 29-30, 2024 OR May 6-7, 2024): Participants choose one of the two date ranges to attend. 

The labs are delivered in person using the established educational facilities and equipment at CEMAS. Along with a recommended foundation of topics, a selection of elective labs will be offered.

Manager Track Component #2:

(4-hour instrument session to be scheduled after registration) Participants schedule a 4-hour, 1-on-1  workshop with CEMAS staff for hands-on microscope session to image their own samples that can be done in-person or online.

Imaging and demonstration can be performed on participant provided samples. Techniques will be discussed and a plan for the session determined ahead of time.

View a tentative lab schedule here.

Upon completion of the program, participants will understand the operation principles and applications of SEMs. They will also be able to perform a variety of common SEM imaging and analysis tasks. Programming is based on SEM courses currently offered to students at Ohio State, and participants who complete the program will receive a certificate from CEMAS and the College of Engineering.

The course has open admission and is designed to help professionals improve their own SEM data collection and analysis. While prior hands-on experience with SEMs and current employment in the field of SEM characterization will be beneficial, it is not a prerequisite. Experience with laboratory instrumentation, such as spectrometers, vacuum systems, or other imaging tools will be beneficial.

Registration is currently open with an early bird discount accessible until March 18. The final deadline to register is April 15.

The masterclass will be taught by a world-renowned team of microscopists and educators. Each brings decades of experience leveraging SEMs while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in analytical electron microscopy.

CEMAS is the preeminent materials characterization hub for business and academia. There are over 300 active users and $130 million used for research per year. This masterclass will leverage the established education facilities and equipment available at CEMAS.

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