CEMAS undergrad featured in Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis article


Do you ever wonder how MSE students get introduced to materials science and engineering? 

It's a question commonly asked in our program, and almost every student's answer falls into one of three categories - 1) a high school teacher 2) they entered Ohio State majoring in something else then changed after learning about MSE 3) they were fascinated with materials growing up, which led them to the discipline.

Nicole Hudak headshot

Nicole Hudak is a senior MSE student whose experience falls into category one. As reported in an earlier article, her high school robotics teacher suggested a summer camp dedicated to materials science and engineering to his students. This experience was the keystone to her journey into high education and ultimately a career as a materials science engineer.

More recently, Hudak was featured in "Dialogue with Emerging Engineers", an article in the industry publication Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis. It's an authentic account of her journey as a first-year MSE student and the opportunities and encounters since.

She shares an initial dislike for sample polishing and the handling mishap that caused her to restart her sample prep during lab. Rather than defining materials science, Nicole prefers to state what it is not. She learned that the appeal of materials science is the breadth of research and career opportunities. And for her, materials science offered leadership experiences. 

Hudak was one of three students elected to the ASM International Board of Trustees at ASM International's IMAT 2022. 

“Having the opportunity to serve as a student member in the board of trustees has been invaluable," said Hudak. "I was able to gain first-hand insight into the dedication and planning that goes into operating a global organization on both the regional and national scale. I am more than thankful to the wonderful ASM staff for this experience and look forward to greeting the next generation of student board members."

She will be starting her fourth year at Ohio State in the fall and is currently performing research at the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) for the Fraser Group.

Adapted from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, June 6, 2023

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