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Lee Takes First Place for TKD

Genevieve Lee, graduate student in CDME and Welding Engineering, took home top honors for her poster at the 146th Annual TMS Meeting and Exhibition in San Diego this past February.

Genevieve, along with co-authors Jonathan Orsborn and Antonio Ramirez, spent months working on Transmission Kikucki Diffraction (TKD) on the XL-30 ESEM microscope at CEMAS. TKD is a very useful SEM-based technique for the rapid crystallographic orientation mapping and analysis of fine-grained materials at reasonably high spatial resolution. Their presentation specifically featured Ni-steel FSW and Al-steel VFAW and is entitled, "Efficient High-Resolution Study of Dissimilar Metal Interfaces".

"CEMAS has been fundamental in the analyses of my work. The facility is one of the best for electron microscopy and there I was able to work with the best microscopists for developing and utilizing TKD for solid-state dissimilar material joints. The quality of the results are indicative of the quality of CEMAS as an electron microscopy analysis facility" - Genevieve Lee.

CDME and the Department of Commerce funded Genevieve's TKD work and provided guidance through Ali Nassari, Post-Doc at CDME.

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