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researchers using microscopeUnderstanding and advancing our knowledge of materials and phenomena are critical for technological advancements in all areas of science, engineering and medicine. To achieve this requires access to world-class characterization tools such as electron microscopes. Enabling us to “see” at the atomic scale, the instruments available at CEMAS yield unprecedented insights into structural and elemental properties.

Our faculty and staff have decades of experience working alongside industry. With a straightforward route for microscopists and non-microscopists alike to access world-leading instrumentation in a world-class environment, CEMAS is the obvious choice to deliver novel solutions to current and future challenges.

"The wide array of materials characterization at the CEMAS facility has provided pH Matter with the ability to rapidly develop its commercial line of activated carbon additives for the Fuel Cell and Lithium Ion Battery markets. It's the close collaboration with CEMAS scientists that allows us to bring the state-of-the-art in materials development to our clients." -Michael Beachy, Senior Engineer, pH Matter