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FEI Probe Corrected Titan3™ 80-300 S/TEM

The probe-corrected Titan3™ 80-300 S/TEM provides superior performance, stability, and flexibility when utilizing the CEOS probe-corrector and electron monochromator technology for atomic resolution imaging and spectroscopy. The system provides the ability to adjust the accelerating voltage between 80 kV and 300 kV providing a range of conditions to observe soft, carbon-based materials such as polymers and biological samples, as well as inorganic materials such as semiconductor and metallic samples with minimal sample modification. The Titan3™ 80-300 is optimized for a 70 pm probe resolution to facilitate atomic resolution, high-angle annular dark-field (HAADF) imaging with local spectroscopic data collection to compliment the capabilities of its sister CEMAS instrument, the image corrected Titan3™ G2 60-300 S/TEM.

researcher on microscope

The Titan3™ 80-300 is equipped with a high-coherence, high-brightness, field-emission electron gun (X-FEG) and an electron gun monochromator to provide probe current in excess .5 nA with an energy resolution of 0.15 eV.  The ability to achieve such high probe current with synchrotron level energy resolution affords users the capability of collecting atomic resolution, near-edge structure for electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) at both 300 and 80 kV. An Energy Dispersive X-Ray(EDS) spectrometer is also equipped, such that imaging, EDS spectroscopy and EELS spectroscopy may be performed.  

The system is housed in an acoustic, thermal, and electro-magnetically isolated, high-stability support box that reduces negative environmental conditions permitting optimal aberration corrected S/TEM characterization to be realized. The instrument is also available for remote viewing access and remote user control providing benefits and access to users both locally and around the state of Ohio through OARnet.