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Content for Category: Awards

Procter & Gamble and CEMAS celebrate decade-long partnership
CEMAS receives P&G's Making the Invisible Visible Award
CEMAS postdoc honored with Humboldt Fellowship
Ashton Egan will begin a two-year fellowship in Germany
Doctoral student receives NSF fellowship for magnesium research
Rogine Gomez awarded NSF research fellowship
CEMAS doctoral student receives Women of Color GEM Student Leadership Award
Samantha Mendez wins award for community outreach and leadership
CEMAS and CMIF receive funding to develop advanced microscopy workflow
CLEM pipeline at Ohio State created with award
Samuel Luther wins second CEMAS Micrograph Competition
Samuel Luther, a graduate fellow in The Ohio State University Department of...
Early Career Award supports Aeriel Leonard's research of fatigue prediction in complex metallic alloys
Aeriel Leonard , an assistant professor of materials science and engineering...
Hendrik Colijn receives Chuck Fiori Award from Microscopy Society of America
The Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates Henk Colijn...
Ohio State, Lehigh University awarded $3M to develop superalloys for U.S. Army research project
Ohio State’s Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials (CAMM) will play...
CEMAS representatives earn their place among 2021 Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) award winners
Research Associate Stephen Boona received the 2021 MSA Professional Technical...