CEMAS houses two X-ray diffractometers, a Rigaku SmartLab and a Rigaku MiniFlex. The MiniFlex is a compact easy-to-use Bragg-Brentano unit optimized for powder diffraction measurements. The SmartLab is a "Swiss Army Knife" that can be configured in a number of different ways. 

double-arrowXRD Instruments at CEMAS

The CEMAS SmartLab XRD is our most flexible diffractometer. It has the ability to run in many different modes with the system providing guidance for the user in preparing data acquisition. The Guidance™ software leads the user step-by-step through acquisition setup and provides for automated...
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The Rigaku MiniFlex 600 is a compact benchtop theta:2-theta diffractometer. It is computer controlled and fully capable of providing qualitative and quantitative analyses for unknown powder crystalline materials. Its fail-safe radiation enclosure ensures the safety of users operating the machine. By...
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