Tecnai G2-30 TEM, formerly produced by FEI



The Tecnai 30 G2 TWIN is a 300 kV LaB6 TEM  The wide-gap Twin lens pole-piece allows large tilt angles of the specimen making it optimal for diffraction analysis and imaging.  The wide-gap pole-piece also allows for a variety of stages and detectors to be used.  Although it is not our highest-resolution microscope, it is still capable of 0.24nm point-to-point resolution.  

  • 100-300 kV accelerating voltage with LaB6 cathode
  • HAADF STEM, fine probe and Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction (CBED) capability
  • 2.4 Å resolution (Twin lens) with ±70˚ sample tilt (±30˚ on second tilt)
  • 4k CETA TEM camera
  • Large area EDAX SDD X-ray detector with digital beam control
  • Double-tilt, Heating, and Cryo stages for specialized experiments
  • Networked for data storage and Full Remote Operation 
  • Individual user accounts to avoid the need for realignments between users.


Category: TEM


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