The Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) is at the forefront in the convergence of physical and life sciences. Our multidisciplinary approach drives synergy, amplifies characterization capabilities in order to challenge “what is possible” in electron microscopy, and challenges the current characterization limitations in medicine, environmental science, energy materials, and beyond.

Located in a custom designed facility, every one of our fourteen electron and ion microscopes is meeting or exceeding manufacturer performance specifications. CEMAS has recently installed a Thermo Scientific Glacios cryo-TEM with a Falcon III direct electron detector and a Ceta-D camera for MicroED analysis. In addition, CEMAS has a Thermo Scientific Krios equipped with a Bioquantum imaging filter and a K3 direct electron detector, imaging phase plates, STEM/TEM tomography and an image spherical aberration corrector.

CEMAS is able to assist users in all aspects of the cryo-EM workflow, which may include initial negative stain analysis, cryo sample preparation, grid screening, high resolution data collection, and preliminary data analysis. To get started, apply to become a CEMAS user today.

To view the Policies and Procedures for using the Cryo-Electron Microscopy facilities at CEMAS, please click here.


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