Resources for Faculty, Staff and Students

Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides fiscal and human resources support services to CEMAS faculty, staff and students.

Report Building Issue(s)

To report a building issue, please complete this form. If the issue is an emergency, please contact a CEMAS staff member immediately.

To report after-hour emergencies, please contact Colliers International Service Center at 1-888-389-9932. 

IT Support

To request assistance with a problem or a serivce, please use the service portal to enter a ticket.

Accessing Journal Articles from CEMAS

 Once you are logged into the CEMAS or CEMAS_Guest wireless networks, you can utilize Ohio State's institutional journal subscriptions to access scholarly articles through the following steps:

1. Proceed to and click on the link to "Off Campus Sign-In" from the menu on the right side of the page.
2. The link will redirect to the log-in screen, where you will sign in with your name.# credentials.
3. After successfully logging in, you will be redirected back to the Ohio State library website, where you can access articles and other media by entering search criteria in the text box next to the red "Go" button.
4. You can sort through your search results and read the desired media by clicking on "View Now" and then "View full text", as appropriate.


Human Resources


OSU employees and students traveling on behalf of the University must read and adhere to the OSU Travel Policy. Travel involves a two step process, submission and approval of estimated travel costs before travel and a second form detailing actual costs following travel. More information may be found via the OSU Travel Website.

Step 1, before your travel

All travel must be pre-approved to qualify for reimbursement. This is accomplished with the Pre-Trip worksheet. 

Pre-Trip worksheet
Submit this form to Kelly Perez with supervisor approval at least two weeks prior to traveling.

  • Rental Car
    If renting a car as part of travel, department policy requires that this be done by way of the Ohio State rental car agreement with either Enterprise or National. While less expensive rentals may be available, the OSU agreements include insurance coverage required by the university. Rentals made with non-contracted rental car agencies must adhere to the OSU Travel Policy (PDF) (see "Rental Car Services"). 
  • Pre-payment of some costs, such as airfare, conference registration, and lodging, may be available for Ohio State students and employees, including cash advances. 
  • Per Diem 
    If the Ohio State student or employee is alloted a daily reimbursement amount for meals, travelers are to provide detailed costs for each meal to be reimbursed. The cost of meals provided as part of travel or a business-related event (for example during a flight or as part of a conference) will not be allowed as part of a per diem reimbursement.

Step 2, following your return

Complete the post-trip form detailing expenses incurred that are elgible for reimbursement. Within 45 days of travel, submit the following:

  1. Post-Trip worksheet 
  2. Original, itemized receipts showing method of payment, such as "Visa XXXX1234" and the amount paid.

Following receipt of these items, the forms and receipts will be reviewed and, if all needed items are provided, the reimbursement request will be forwarded to the College of Engineering Business Office. A staff member from that office will contact the traveler by email and confirm the allowed reimbursement amount.

Staff Only


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