Remote Access

Central to the mission of CEMAS is to educate the next generation of electron microscopy users and experts. 

Remote microscopy user
Research Specialist Frank Scheltens operating the Titan microscope housed at CEMAS remotely from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

To achieve this, it is the goal of CEMAS to make every instrument in the facility accessible through remote access. This will enable instruments to be used and demonstrated in a world-leading digital lecture theater within the CEMAS facility. 

Students and educators will be able to control and interact with every instrument to facilitate teaching of the theory of electron microscopy and training users in all aspects of the use and operation.  This will also provide a foundation for distance learning, in particular to provide electron microscopy training to other Ohio State campuses and other academic institutions in Ohio and elsewhere. The use of electron microscopes by users at sites outside CEMAS is also a key enabler of remote collaboration with academic, government and industrial research partners. 

"We have well over $29 million worth of tools in this facility. That is a capability that needs to be accessible way beyond The Ohio State University." - David McComb, CEMAS director. 




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Remote Partners

  • University of Dayton (Dayton, OH)
  • Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, OH)
  • North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC)
  • Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)