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Employment Opportunities

Research Associate 1- Engineer

Position Description

CEMAS has an opening for a Research Associate 1-Engineer to perform Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Focused-Ion Beam (FIB), and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) sample preparation and analysis. This position is required to design and conduct experimental tests and procedures in microCT and assist internal and external facility users with the planning, development, and execution of their research projects. In addition, this position will assist with teaching, training, and overseeing user’s microscopy methods and operation of CEMAS equipment. This position will provide support in troubleshooting experiments, assist in sample preparation and interpretation, and process two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) data, as well as create 3D animations in support of research projects. The Research Associate 1-Engineer is expected to participate in the development of Electron Microscopy sample preparation for new samples, organize data and samples, and assist in the preparation of research papers, reports and manuscripts for publications and presentations.

Performance Objectives

Success in this role will require enthusiasm for materials science and a desire and aptitude to learn quickly and continue to grow technically, as well as an appreciation for both fundamental and applied research.

Required Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering or an equivalent combination of education and experience; ability to translate, adapt and apply academic and/or practical knowledge to the conduct of engineering research; knowledge of advanced characterization techniques in SEM, FIB, and TEM; proficiency in the maintenance and use of advanced materials processing techniques; experience with sample preparation of hard and soft materials; ability to multi-task and prioritize among many research projects; excellent written and oral communication skills.

Desired Qualifications

Experience in microCT; experience in 2D and 3D data processing; experience in an engineering training capacity.

Fore more information, including application instructions, please visit The Ohio State University Job Site.