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Post Doctoral Researcher

Position Overview 

The Post Doctoral Researchers (PDRs) will participate in planning, design, and execution of research projects in a broad set of activities across several scientific disciplines. They will perform complex experiments and perform research in an area of considerable scope and complexity, ranging from soft to hard materials, in which existing theory or methods may be limited or lacking. These positions will perform Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) research, High Resolution Electron Energy Loss spectroscopy (EELS) and Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, dual beam Focused Ion Beam microscopy (FIB), Optical Microscopy, Electron/X-ray tomography. The PDRs will perform sample preparation, as well as collect, analyze, and interpret research data. In addition, these positions will assist in preparing progress and final research reports, and present data findings at scientific meetings.

Additional Information: The PDRs will spend majority (60-70%) of time working in research teams at WPAFB and the remaining time at CEMAS; therefore this position requires frequent travel between Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. 

Performance Objectives 

Success in this role will require enthusiasm for materials science and a desire and aptitude to learn quickly and continue to grow technically, as well as an appreciation for both fundamental and applied research.


Doctoral Degree in materials science or relevant field of science or engineering; extensive experience in aberration corrected electron microscopy and associated techniques; ability to comply with export control regulations and handle confidential information and data; advanced knowledge and experience with electron microscopes; excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to work dynamically in a diverse team environment; ability to translate, adapt, and apply academic and/or practical knowledge. Please note that pursuant to a government contract, this specific position requires U.S. citizenship status.


A broad background and interest in interdisciplinary science; ability to apply fundamental concepts and techniques developed in one discipline to a variety of (and perhaps incompletely defined) problems traditionally associated with other disciplines.

How To Apply

For more information, including application instructions, please visit The Ohio State University Job Site.