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The following rates are charged to academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Please be prepared to provide documentation indicating such.

We welcome inquiries from industrial users.  Quotes are available upon request. Please contact us at

Academic Rate
After Hours Rate*
Scanning Electron Microscopes    
Quanta 200 $58/hr $44/hr
Apreo I $73/hr $55/hr
Apreo II $73/hr $55/hr
Quattro $80/hr $60/hr
Focused Ion Beam Microscopes    
Helios 600 $78/hr


Nova 600 $73/hr $55/hr
Transmission Electron Microscopes    
Tecnai F20 $85/hr $64/hr
Tecnai 30 $73/hr $55/hr
Titan 80-300 (retired beginning 1/22/19) $114/hr $86/hr
Titan 60-300 $114/hr $86/hr
Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopes    
Glacios $85/hr -
Glacios - Single Particle Analysis $750/day -
Krios - Single Particle Analysis $1,000/day -
X-Ray Diffraction    
MiniFlex $23/hr $17/hr
Smart Lab $52/hr $39/hr


First 4 hours

Subsequent Usage (after 4 hours)

Max charge per day









^ Please note that FOM will not 

accurately reflect HeliScan charges.


Data storage fees may be accessed 

if data is not removed in a timely


Labor** $75/hr N/A






































*After hours rate is applied to usage between 5:00pm-8:00am Monday-Friday and all day Saturday-Sunday. Rate is only applicable to users with anytime access, in which no staff assistance will be available.

**Sessions in which there is training and/or when there is staff participation will be charged labor.

The following fees are charged to all users (internal and external):

Cancellation Charge
(within 12 hours preceding reserved time, or 24 hours for Apreos)
2 hours of usage and labor, if applicable
Forget Log Off 2 hours of usage
No show Reservation time + forget log off
Instrument Training Instrument Rate + Labor Rate

Please direct all billing questions, concerns, or issues to