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Level 3 Users Access Only Aug 3-7

Due to the majority of CEMAS staff being away at the 2015 Microscopy & Microanalysis conference, CEMAS will be open to level 3 users only August 3-7. If you are unsure what your user level is, please contact Ashley Swartz.

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Wright-Patt Launches Remote Microscopy

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE —  Air Force Research Laboratory scientists will be able to more quickly analyze materials needed in weapon systems with nearly $2.5 million spent on electron microscopes that can peer deep into materials, officials said Friday....

Materials Science and Technology 2015 (MS&T15)

The Materials Science and Technology 2015 (MS&T15) symposium on Electron and Focused Ion Beam Microscopy Tools in Materials Characterization will be held October 4-8, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio. Areas include: • Ion and electron beam irradiation effects on materials properties,...

DNA Origami Could Lead to Nano “Transformers” for Biomedical Applications

Read more here“transformers”-for-biomedical-applications/

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CEMAS Featured in onCampus

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Current and future challenges in medicine, healthcare, environment, energy and technology need increasingly to be addressed on length scales ranging from millimetres to the scale of individual atoms.  The delivery of novel solutions in cancer therapies, diseases of an aging population, sustainable development of functional and structural materials demands a multidisciplinary approach to research.  The mission of the Center for Electron Microscopy and AnalysiS (CEMAS) is to disrupt the stratification of disciplines in the characterisation of materials.  We will bring together multidisciplinary expertise to drive synergy and amplify our characterisation capabilities, and thus challenge what is possible in analytical electron microscopy.


The following are STEM- HAADF images acquired using the FEI Probe Corrected Titan™ 80-300

Image taken at CEOF, located in Fontana Labs. Image taken at CEMAS, located on Kinnear Rd.

Sample: [001] SrTiO3


CEMAS will become the hub for business and academia for materials characterisation.  Our point of difference will be our world-class multidisciplinary approach that enables academic and business partners to “see” more than ever before.  We will be the center that breaks through the current characterisation limitations in medicine, environmental science, energy materials and beyond.

CEMAS will:

  • Deliver world-class capability that will position it as one of the top ten centers in analytical electron microscopy in the world;
  • Be the hub for multidisciplinary imaging research in physical and biological sciences at OSU;
  • Be the “go-to place” for comprehensive training for top research students and research associates;
  • Dramatically expand our business partnerships in characterisation of materials;
  • Be at the leading edge in the development of new techniques and methods for analytical electron microscopy.

OSU World Leader In Microscopy

AFRL Director of Materials and Manufacturing, Thomas Lockhart, declared Ohio State as a world leader in microscopy at the recent launch of remote collaboration Read more...